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cad2plansHome Plans - 2dRequest a quote A) SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE SET OF DRAWINGS. An average set of Architectural drawings for a 2 story home with basement, is 8 sheets.The drawings include: Foundation/basement plan, main level & upper level plans, roof plan and 4 exterior views of the house  (North, East, West & South elevations). The set of drawings is good for Building permit application, bid construction cost and for structural calculation studies. The basic set of drawings, is done to a pre-engineering level.A basic set of drawings does not include structural calculation. The structural calculation is done by a third party who can be selected by the owner of the project or by Envision Construction if requested. There is an additional cost for adding structural notes and specifications to a full set of drawings.Request a quote


B) EXISTING CONSTRUCTION PLANS. These are drawings of an existing Building or structure. Existing building drawings require field measurement and drafting. The cost of the site visit and CAD drawings will be set according to the size and complexity of the existing building. In case of a commercial building, this work does not include detailed Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing information.

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C) REMODELING DRAWINGS. A Home Remodeling project requires 2 sets of drawings: Existing building drawings and Proposed Building Renovation Drawings. Existing building drawings require field measurement and drafting. Proposed building drawings are part of a Design Development Process that requires a project owner wish list and scheduled meetings between project Owner and a member of Envision Construction Design Team.

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Request a quote B.I.M. Building Information Modeling.BIM offers additional visual information to all parties involved through the Building Process which eases communication and understanding among project players in different disciplines.Architectural BIM projects are presented in traditional two Dimensional drawings and 3D images. Usually, the Process of developing drawings in B.I.M. takes twice the time of a traditional Set Of Drawings.Request a quote See Sample Project
shutterstock_7343092Request a quote RENDERING.Image rendering is the process of generating an image from a 3D model with detailed artistic shading, texturing and color. The goal of a rendered image is to make the scene look as realistic as possible.The pricing on creating & rendering images, is based on the size and complexity of the building and the desired environment characteristics. Rendered images are usually used for project presentation, advertising and marketing.Request a Quote See Gallery